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Policies and Procedures

Learning Centre Hours

  • Open   : 07.15 – 15.30,  Monday – Friday
  • Closed: weekends and holidays

Learning Centre Visit

  • All teachers, staff and students are welcome to use the Learning Centre during library hours  .
  • Class visit should be scheduled in advance to avoid overlapping of sessions                               .
  • The Learning Centre is not a venue for gatherings or meetings unless scheduled and approved by the Learning Centre Head or by the School Executive.

Learning Centre Rules

  • Maintain silence. • Use the computers properly                                                                                     
  • School bags, big containers are not allowed.                                                               
  • Present your BINUS card before borrowing books                                                                                 
  • Make a queue when borrowing and returning books.                                                            
  • Push the chairs against the tables after using.                                                                                     
  • Return the books, newspapers and magazines in their proper places after using.        
  • Drinking, eating, running, and playing are not allowed in the Learning Centre.               
  • Do not cut or draw on the pages of the books and magazines.

Learning Centre Loans

  1. A maximum of 5 Fiction and/or Non- Fiction books is allowed to be borrowed for a period of one week per EY and EL student and 2 weeks per MS & HS student.
  2. Automatic blocking of the user’s data is applied once the borrowed books are not returned on time.
  3. For every overdue book/multimedia, a fine of Rp 1,000 is charged daily except on weekends and holidays.
  4. It is the responsibility of every user to settle the lost book/s under his/her name.
  5. A fine for tampering books/multimedia will be imposed (eg: removing the labels, RFID tags). Rp 50,000 per imported book/multimedia and Rp 25,000 per local book/multimedia.
  6. All lost borrowed books have to be paid or replaced with identical materials. Amount of payment is the current cost of the book plus Rp 70,000 per imported book/multimedia and Rp 35,000 per local book/multimedia.
  7. All financial transactions should be processed using BCA flazz or debit card.
  8. If a paid lost book is found, its refund will be granted only within a month from the time of payment.
  9. If a paid lost book is found and returned in the library, the book can only be claimed by the borrower and not by other users within a month from the time it is recorded in the system.
  10.  All Learning Centre materials especially the textbooks lent on long-term basis must be returned at the end of the term or semester or academic year.
  11. Report Cards and/or other official documents will not be released unless all outstanding loans or penalties have been cleared by the end of the academic year or stipulated due dates.
  12. Automatic reminder from the system is sent three days prior to the due date of the borrowed book/s.


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